Custom Motorcycle Engineering


Custom Motorcycle Engineering

Archive III – Rebuilds/Restorations

Suzuki GSX1100EF
This one was a major update. We replaced the front and back ends with complete GSXR750 items and slotted a GSXR1100 motor into the space left by the absent EF unit. This sort of job is straightforward enough with Suzukis as they all use similarly dimensioned components. The only frame surgery involved boring out the pivot points for the swingarm spindle, mountings for the monoshock and moving the bottom rail engine mount. The front end literally just goes straight on as most GS/GSX/GSXR’s all have the same headstock.
Bike was rewired, fitted with a stage 1 dynojet kit and a Yoshimura can. We fitted GSXR clocks, aftermarket twin h/lights and flat bars on risers. The rest of the bodywork was kept as standard.

Suzuki GS750
This was a very sad machine when it came in. Had been sitting in a garden and actually had ivy growing around and through it. The swingarm had rotted enough to have collapsed and virtually every chassis part was seized solid. Soaked it for a week in WD40 before we even started trying to take it apart. Fortunately the engine turned over OK on the kickstart and the frame was relatively corrosion free otherwise we’d not have taken it on!
Went through the process of stripping to the last nut and bolt and everything was shot or bead blasted and thoroughly degreased before recoating all the chassis parts, rebuilding the calipers, replacing all bearings, rebuilding the forks with new stanchions, new rear shocks etc, etc.
It needed a replacement tank and seat, all the rest of the body parts – lights, clocks etc were intact enough to be reused after refurbing. Whole lot was put together with stainless fasteners and finished in black and yellow as per the customer’s specs.

Suzuki GS1000S
This was purely a cosmetic rebuild to a bike that was starting to look drab. All the usual coating and repainting jobs were requested along with a seat re-cover and a new exhaust.
Completed at the same time as the GS750 above.